Path of Exile 3.9 Launches This Week

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Path of Exile 3.9 Launches This Week

POE Currency 3.9 launches this week, bringing with it the Conquerors of this Atlas expansion, and the Metamorph battle Celtics. There is a ton of new content coming out, including massive atlas reworks supervisors, new gems, and much more. So much that we can't cover it all, though we will do our best to hit the important stuff. If you want more info feel free to head over to the recently released patch notes, or the launching videos.The Shaper and Elder pursuit lines have been removed, although they've explained that you will still be able to access themalthough it is currently unclear how.

It has been replaced by a new story line, revealed in the 3.9 trailer. Zana discusses a narrative of Exiles who followed her to slay the Shaper and Elder. Their thirst for battle was not quenched, although they succeeded. They kept coming back, seeking more and more conflict. Finally Zana sealed them within the Atlas and feared them. They have found their way back.There are five new Exile final bosses that you will confront, all of these in comparable endgame difficulties. These supervisors will drop new rewards, such as the Watchstones which have become a focus of this atlas.

The atlas has been massively overhauled in the upcoming patch. Right off the bat, you work out your way, instead of out in like it was previously and begin at the center of the atlas. All of them are white, although there are approximately 90 maps around the atlas to start out with. The map is divided into sections, with each segment having a'Watchstone' place. Watchstones are accessed by beating the new atlas bosses.Watchstones are utilized to raise the amount of a section of your atlasup to high-quality red maps (it had been mentioned that in the event that you want you can make every single map in your atlas tier 14 or higher). They show maps as they upgrade, altering the atlas out of 90 to 155 maps.

Whereas we know POE Trade Currency is great, and there are a great deal of people out there who like this."While not specifically mentioned, it was also heavily implied that you'll have the ability to find Watchstones which will add modifiers to that part of your atlas as well. Sextants are employed to the Watchstone rather than individual maps. Sextants are no more amount restricted, but have been rebalanced to have much more powerful modifiers coming from higher tier sextants. Sextants also have been renamed to Prime Straightforward, and Awakened Sextants for each tier. They can no longer be upgraded via the seller, meaning that higher tier sextants can be more costly than just three times the grade below it.