an't afraid. I had food to eat.

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an't afraid. I had food to eat.

We’re going to start using the basics of how the search engines work [url=]Nike Air Max 270 Günstig[/url] , and also a major component of this is a robot, or spider, which is software program that gathers info about your internet site and brings it back to become analyzed by a powerful central engine.

This activity is referred to as crawling or spidering. You can find a lot of different metaphors for how robots function, but we think ants make the top 1. Believe of a search engine robot as an explorer ant, leaving the colony with 1 thought on its mind: Find food. In this case, the food is HTML text [url=]Nike Air Max 270 Schweiz[/url] , preferably plenty of it, and to find it, the ant wants to travel along simple, obstacle-free paths: HTML links.

Following these paths, the ant (search engine robot), with insect-like single-mindedness [url=]Air Max 270 Schweiz[/url] , carries the food (text) back to its colony and shops it in its anthill (search engine database). Thousands and thousands of the little guys are exploring and gathering simultaneously all more than the world wide web.

If a path is absent or blocked, the ant gives up and goes somewhere else. If there’s no food, the ant brings nothing back. So essentially, if you think of a search engine, take into consideration it a database that holds pieces of text which have been gathered from millions of internet sites all over the Web. What sets that engine in motion? A search.

When a net surfer enters the term into the search engine, all the internet sites that may be relevant for that term are brought to the forefront. The search engine sifts through its database for sites containing terms like  [url=]Nike 270 Schweiz[/url] , , and . It uses a secret formula-a.k.a. a search ranking algorithm-to sort the results, and in a fraction of a second, a list of relevant web pages, many containing the exact phrase “grape bubble gum” (or with links from other internet sites containing this phrase), will be returned in the results page.

Lots of things factor into the way search engines determine the ranks for their search outcomes. But just for a start [url=]Air Max 720 Grün Carbon Herren Blau Schwarz Schweiz[/url] , so as to be within the running for ranks, you need to supply HTML text to feed the search engines and HTML links as clear paths to the food. Keeping those robots well fed and happy is one of one’s biggest priorities.

Seo in 30 Seconds We’ve mentioned it ahead of but it bears repeating: Search engine optimization is just not rocket science.

These two fundamental elements have formed the foundation of our Search engine optimization work for more than a decade:
1.Make certain that search engine robots can access and read text content on your website.
2. Craft website content to feature keywords that your target audience is looking for. As the search engines have evolved, the job of Seo has turn into additional difficult, but these two fundamentals have never ever changed.

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During the past couple of weeks, like many millions of other people around the world I spent a lot of time watching the horrific events taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana [url=]Air Max 720 Triple Schwarz Herren Nike Schuhe Schweiz[/url] , unable and unwilling to believe that what I was seeing was actually taking place in the United States of America.

And though we often forget most big disasters after just a few weeks, I think that people will be talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for a long time to come.

Like many other people, as the disaster unfolded, I assumed that because this was happening in the United States, the rescuing response would be very swift and very well organized. And it wasn't.

Whenever a big tragedy of this magnitude occurs, whether in the United States or elsewhere in the world [url=]Air Max 720 Herren Gold Schwarz Nike Sneakers Schweiz[/url] , many people will find themselves re-examining how they live, and perhaps examining some of their most basic beliefs about what is truly important

During the week that stranded evacuees waited in heat and filth, desperate for water and food, while others drowned in their own homes as the water levels rose, it really hit me as I thought to myself, Tonight I am in my own home in a safe city. No one I care about is missing. Anytime today that I wanted a drink of water [url=]Air Max 720 Herren Lila Lavender Schwarz Schweiz[/url] , it was there. The air smelled good. I wan't afraid. I had food to eat.

This tragedy reminds us that our real needs as human beings are so simple. And when our basic needs are met, our minds get restless and our minds start inventing other needs for us. A new car. More money. A bigger house. A different couch. But these aren't really needs, these are simply desires, wishes, preferences. Most of the time we forget the difference between our needs and our desires.

On television I saw one family who had nothing left to call home but a mattress on the floor in the basement of a church, but they were some of the happiest people I had ever seen. Happy because they were alive [url=http://www.nike27