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Zylophin RX Therefore, only steadfast adherence to the plan is the path to the result. Gain experience Intuitive intelligence is always the result of experience and skill development. By trial and error, you learn to make the right choice of training that suits you. Keep a diary, this will greatly simplify the task. In the training diary, write down the number of sets and reps, the weight you work with, the rest during the training, the duration of the training, and, of course, the mood before and after training. In addition, weigh yourself and record the results every two weeks. You can also highlight the page of the daily diet, where you record the number of meals, its components. So check the effect of supplements and tune in to proper nutrition. Out of habit, you can be weighed down by such planning and keeping a diary. But for those who want a result, such a simple way will help to develop a system of both training and lifestyle. All your results depend only on you. Yes, bodybuilding is a guarantee of growth in mass and muscle volume, but effectiveness depends entirely on you. You yourself must arrange your training schedule, the system of training and rest after, yes, in the end, your whole life. After all, stress, and turmoil in the family, at work, have their influence. That is why, sports psychologists argue that only those who have managed to develop sports intelligence are successful. It is your sports intelligence, the ability to analyze, draw conclusions, building your trainings on this, that will lead you to the intended goal. And you can’t do without a diary, because you need to draw conclusions from something, painstakingly revealing the changes in yourself and making informed decisions.