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How long is a prophetic hour?
— by Noey Noey
I was reading a blog earlier today and came across this question, it had some various answers so I thought I raise it here and see what we all think.

Here are some thoughts on it:

I guess on the day/year logic it would be about 15 days (365 days divided by 24).

In John 11:9 Jesus said, "Are there not twelve hours in the day?"
So on the day/year logic using the 12 instead of the 24, the answer can be doubled to 30-days.

In the context of the creation of the earth (6000-years), a day with the Lord is like a 1000-years.
And in light of Christ's statement that there are 12-hours in a day
1000-years/12-hours= 83-years 4-months?