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The Christology of Mark's gospel
— by marc marc
Has anyone on this forum read the Gospel of Mark and wondered about Mark's Christology - ie: the literary picture he paints on the nature and person of Christ expressed through Mark's account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. A number of years back I taught a class on Mark's gospel in Sabbath School for a full quarter and I found it fascinating hearing what others had to say after having read the fast moving gospel, so full of 'immediately's' in the first eight chapters! Better still, when we all listened to the account the gospel certainly came to life.

I have recently become involved in another presentation of the Gospel - this time a five fortnightly series and it has been wonderful to return to the gospel after being away from it for such a long time - and coming to it with fresh insights gained over the years, while at the same time also attempting to return as one who is hearing it for the first time - without any preconceived ideas or opinions - much like many of the early reader must have heard the gospel for the first time nearly two thousand years ago. Many of those early readers must have come from a background where there were possibly many gods - or perhaps they were Jewish listeners.

I managed to find an audio of Mark which has recently been produced. It seemed to have even more 'life' to the reading than the one we had listened to some years back. It is free to download here and I wonder if others would like to listen to it and let me have their impressions. It is found here:

There is also an audio found on the Bible Society's website, however I have found the above link preferable. The Bible Society's audio is found here:

What I found most helpful after studying Mark's account was fast-forwarding to the Book of Revelation (which might well have been written a few decades later - or perhaps just after Mark's gospel) and listen to the description of Jesus given at Revelation 1:12-20. It is a glorious vision of Jesus and one which I often consider to be more vivid and beautiful than that found in John 1:1-14 and Hebrews 1:2-4 and elsewhere.

Any comments?