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— by Noey Noey
The environment that Jesus was raised in doesn't seem to fit a lot of our visions of it. First is that Nazareth was very small, the latest population estimate being something less than 480 people (Wikipedia article on Nazareth). Second is that even though Galilee had a mixed population Nazareth was apparently one of the few towns that was totally Jewish or nearly so (ibid.). Probably because of that it had a synagogue (Lk 4:16).

In spite of its strong Jewish culture the town apparently had a bad reputation (Jn 1:46) which became evident when they tried to kill Jesus (Lk 4:28-29). They would not believe Him (Mk 6:4-6) because of familiarity with His family, in fact, even His own family generally didn't believe him (Jn 7:5) which included James who later became the head of the church (Acts 15; Acts 21:8; Gal 1:19; Gal 2:9).

So it wasn't just poverty but everything in the social environment that was against Him from the start. I think that must have given Him a very real sense of the plight of the lower classes in Jewish society.