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The hospital staff has unique communication need than any other industry. They need to make sure that the staff is reachable as and when emergencies arise. The hospital management also needs to reinforce a communication tool [url=]Cheap Joe Smith Jersey[/url] , which allows staff to communicate with each other as and when required. This communication tool needs to be cost-effective so the extra cost doesn't affect the operational cost of the hospital. The reason is, the increase in operational cost might result in increase of fees and charges for the patients. This may lead to certain issues or refrain the needy patient to get the required cure from the expert doctors. This emerges the need of a secure and agile communication solution in the medical industry.

This unique communication need of the hospitals can be catered by the advanced Private Branch Exchange [PBX] solutions. The PBX solution comes with the enormous features, which benefits the hospital staff, patients as well as the hospital management. Some of the features and its benefits to the different entities of the hospitals are briefed in the article.

Call Forwarding Find Me Follow Me
In hospital industry [url=]Cheap Mateen Cleaves Jersey[/url] , emergency can occur any time. Thus, the staff, specifically, the specialized doctors needs to be reachable 24*7. There are three different features to satisfy this communication need of the hospital Forwarding [url=]Cheap Isiah Thomas Jersey[/url] , forwards the calls to specified doctors. This means if the doctor is not available in the hospital, the call made to the desk of that doctor can be forwarded to his cell phone.

Find me Follow me are the unique features offered by the modern PBX systems. By using these features, numbers of different phone contacts will be attempted to reach the right person. Here is an analogy to clearly understand the functionality of the features. The system is fed with the two different numbers of the doctor, one is mobile number and other is a residential landline number. Now [url=]Cheap Dennis Rodman Jersey[/url] , when someone calls at the doctor's desk and if it is not answered, the call will be forwarded to his mobile number, if the doctor failed to reply there, the call will be routed to the residential telephone number. It means the system will try to find and follow the person to assure the max possible reachability.

IVR [Interactive Voice Response] System
Many communication needs of the different entities of the hospital can be satisfied by an automated answering system [url=]Cheap Terry Mills Jersey[/url] , technically most commonly known as, Interactive Voice Response System [IVRS]. There are many common operations can be done using this system. This can save time and resources, which can be utilized in more better way. A few common scenarios are listed below:

Setting up an appointment
Checking the report status
Bill payment
Getting an answer of common queries
Getting health tips
And more

Value Added Features for Common Tasks
The PBX solution comes with some value added features, which are important in daily operations. Customizable Music on Hold feature can be intelligently used. The hospital can play the health tips or newly launched body checkup packages [url=]Cheap Joe Dumars Jersey[/url] , when the caller is put on hold. Do not Disturb feature can be used to blacklist those notorious contacts, which waste the time of the staff by calling for promotions or charity or some other unnecessary reasons.

There are many more features a PBX solution offers to the hospitals. It also makes internal communication free, which decreases the operational cost remarkably. If the hospital uses the VoIP technology to use the PBX, it can render more cost benefits. The PBX solution assures to decrease the operational costs [url=]Cheap Ben Wallace Jersey[/url] , automate the process, make staff reachable and many more benefits to the hospital to serve the people in a better way.

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